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There are many ways you can help and support N0CO2

There are many ways you can help and support N0CO2. Find out how below.

Give Back for the fossil fuels you use 

You Give Back for your fossil fuel by planting trees. We plant the trees for you. Plant enough trees and you Give Back for ALL your fossil fuels.

Volunteer for us 

We could really do with some help from skilled volunteers, particularly with social media, Mailchimp, Marketing, Researching potential partners and reaching out to other organisations and businesses.

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We call on Politicians 

  • To limit global warming to 1.5C Max
  • To reduce use of fossil fuels by introducing a Carbon Tax
  • To redouble efforts to provide solutions for energy and transport which are realistic and cost-effective for all of us to buy and use
  • We call on the UK Government to use the Climate Action budget to promote tree-planting on an epic scale

We call on Businesses

Particularly businesses with a high fossil fuel content such as energy, power, petroleum, air travel and holidays, we call on you:

  • To provide ways to encourage your customers to reduce and Give Back for their fossil fuels
  • We can show businesses how to make a bigger impact by sponsorship or match-funding of donations to N0CO2.

Fund our work

More funds means we can do more to help stop climate change.

More spend on promotion means we can grow faster, and more people can Give Back for their fossil fuels. Which means we can plant more trees, create more paid work and restore more forests!

Because we work mainly with volunteers, there is a big multiplier on all donations which fund our work.

With £10,000 we can set up N0CO2 in a new country and language. Over time this could help raise £1m to plant nearly 10m more trees!

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