COP26: A Small Step

by Charles Appleby 15 November 2021

Analysis, recriminations and blame about COP26 will go on for weeks

Do you want 1.5C Max?  Then you will be disappointed.

Because the Glasgow Pact “resolves to pursue efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5 °C.”  So 1.5C is “kept alive” but only just. 

To achieve commitment to 1.5C, the world is now reliant on negotiation at future meetings starting at COP27 in 2022 in Egypt.

Unless there are additional and stronger commitments, the “optimistic scenario” – is at best 1.8 ̊C according to the respected Climate Action Tracker. “Glasgow has a massive credibility, action and commitment gap as the world is heading to at least 2.4 ̊C of warming, if not more.”

It’s “time to go into emergency mode” was the response of António Guterres, UN Secretary-General.  “We are in the fight of our lives.”  

COP26 President Alok Sharma re-committed himself to 1.5C in the run up to the next COP27 in Egypt in November 2022: “The UK’s work as the Cop26 presidency is really only just beginning,” says Alok Sharma in the Guardian.

“The 1.5C limit lives. We brought it back from the brink. But its pulse remains weak. We must steer it to safety by ensuring countries deliver on the promises they have made, and on the expectations set out in this pact to increase climate ambition to 2030 and beyond.”

And if like me you still want 1.5 Max?  Then our campaign for 1.5C must continue through to COP27 in Egypt – only better and stronger.

And planting trees still has the potential to remove 1 Gigatonne of CO2 emissions for every year the trees are growing – which is about 2% of global emissions.

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Charles Appleby, Founder